About Capify

If your an entrepreneur who is looking for startup business funding options in , speak to us at Capify. If your Startup has been trading for more than 2 months, we can help. We were one of the first companies in the country to offer accessible and alternative lending options, and we’ve built our reputation on providing a first-class service. We have a team of enthusiastic and experienced advisers ready and waiting to assess your needs and suggest the perfect options. They’ll build on our 13 years of experience dating back to the dark days of the financial crisis and will do their utmost to develop an adaptable and flexible solution.

Thousands of customers trusted Capify when they were starting out, and as we’ve helped each one of them over the years, we’ve built up a great deal of knowledge and experience. This means that we are ideally placed to find alternative lending solutions that could meet your requirements as a startup. Due to this concentration, we believe we have a keen edge over other lenders in the marketplace.

It may have been challenging to start a new business during the global financial crisis in 2008, but we found solutions. It can be almost as challenging to form a startup today, but our team members have learned through experience and will now work particularly hard to help you get going.

We have a range of solutions that could help you, no matter what industry or sector you choose. Remember that our friendly advisers are on hand to support you at all times.