About Capify

During the financial crisis of 2008, small business owners found themselves in a very difficult position and found it difficult to attract funding. In recognition of this challenge, we founded Capify as a company that would offer alternative and accessible lending options in their time of need. Fast forward to today, and our whole team is committed to providing the same levels of service, and we are now able to lean on our 13 years of experience to give you the solutions you may need.

Everyone at Capify are adaptive in their approach, which may be why we’ve been able to help thousands of customers. Each of these small business owners in had a particular challenge, and we combined our knowledge to create innovative options. We are so confident in our abilities that we believe we are one of the prominent lenders in the marketplace today.

While the financial crisis in 2008 was challenging, the situation today is also quite difficult, and worried owners are coming to us for advice and guidance. So if you want to talk about a small business loan in , trust our experience and give us a call.